Open Camera 1.48.1

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Open Camera 1.48.1Open Camera 1.48.1Open Camera 1.48.1Open Camera 1.48.1Open Camera 1.48.1Open Camera 1.48.1Open Camera 1.48.1Open Camera 1.48.1

Open Camera is a camera application for Android gadgets. Allows a much more detailed adjustment of photo and video shooting modes on your smartphone or tablet. Open Camera features Automatic stabilization of any photo to the ideal value regardless of the shooting conditions; Unlocking the camera's full potential: setting up focus modes, scene modes, white balance customization, applying filters and effects, ISO, and face detection; taking still images in parallel with recording video; Easy remote "shutter release" - timer with voice countdown and repeat the picture after a set period of time; reaction to voice commands: the photo can be taken by the word "cheese", a whistle or any other sound; setting certain functions on the volume control keys; optimization of the application for left/right-handed control; one-touch control and gesture zooming. Utility features support for attached lenses; setting folder for saving images/videos; shutter sound on/off; displaying information about the time and place in which the photo/video was taken; "on-screen flash" for quality selfies in low light. Advantages Operation with external audio recording devices; HDR; optimization of the dynamic range; small size of source files; open source code.

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