Password Screen Lock 1.3.3

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Password Screen Lock 1.3.3Password Screen Lock 1.3.3Password Screen Lock 1.3.3Password Screen Lock 1.3.3Password Screen Lock 1.3.3Password Screen Lock 1.3.3Password Screen Lock 1.3.3

Password Screen Lock is a utility for Android devices to prevent unauthorized access to your device. Lock the user interface of the device with a password. Can also lock the phone's standalone functions (wi-fi, calls and sms, Bluetooth, etc.). Equipped with dozens of pre-set authorisation, unlock, lock and other features added by the utility. Allows you to set up automatic initiation of device's functions at a certain event (camera flash at unlock, take a picture at failed authorization, etc.). Password Screen Lock functionality Queries and remembers authorization data after setting; Lock "unlock screen" with password, asks for password each time you try to unlock the device; Checks if the entered password matches the authorization credentials, and locks/unlocks as appropriate; Disables user-specified functions of the device and prevents them from being used without first entering the appropriate password; Analyses actions performed on the device and automatically initiates the corresponding function if it is configured (sound and light indication when the lock is unlocked, front camera photography in case of incorrect password entry, etc.); Corrects the visual and sound effects associated with the unlock, according to the user's settings. Utility Features Unlock not only the screen but also some functions of the phone; Separate master password for each function on the device; Presentable pre-set effects; Highly secure master passwords and authorisation credentials; Possibility to automatically start specific functions, when certain actions are performed on the device. Disadvantages Lack of russification; Visual effects can "overload" the "weak" devices; Integrated advertising.

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