Pivot Animator 1.0.172

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Pivot Animator 1.0.172Pivot Animator 1.0.172Pivot Animator 1.0.172Pivot Animator 1.0.172Pivot Animator 1.0.172Pivot Animator 1.0.172

Pivot Animator is an editor for working with two-dimensional animation on a mobile Android device. Users can create and edit interesting simple animations with simple tools. Pivot Animator features using blocks, shapes, lines, circles and ready-made templates; changing the size and color of shapes; duplicating, removing, changing the length and diameter of elements; immobilizing animation elements; saving in universal formats. Features of the application When you first start the application, a ready-made model appears in the editor window. You can use it or create your own. Animation is created by moving special red dots or "nodes". After selecting each position, you need to click on the button to create a new slide, the number of which is not limited. The application has a nice and simple interface. You can place several different diagrams on a single slide. It comes with a large number of tools to change the whole figure or its constituent elements. Therefore, the creation of a simple animation takes no more than a few minutes. Advantages quick keys; the ability to loop an animation; quick preview.

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