Prime PDF Scanner 3.1.1

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Prime PDF Scanner 3.1.1Prime PDF Scanner 3.1.1Prime PDF Scanner 3.1.1Prime PDF Scanner 3.1.1Prime PDF Scanner 3.1.1Prime PDF Scanner 3.1.1

Prime PDF Scanner is an OCR optical information scanner for Android devices with a camera. Scans book pages, handwritten notes, business cards, whiteboard writings, paper documents and other traditional optical media with the unit's camera and converts them into .pdf file pages or JPG images. Has a set of functional tools for one-click editing of text data formatting and image processing. Supports the ability to export the result of scanning and processing to cloud storage services. Can apply signatures, watermarks and other graphic files to pages and images, including batch scanning of several scans at once. Prime PDF Scanner Features Creates a photo of the scanned object with the camera, automatically detects its borders, removes unnecessary things and uploads the photo to the interface; Identifies text fragments and drawings and places them on the page of the .pdf file created for each new scan, conserving the original structure of their mutual positioning; Formats the selected text blocks and changes the way the pictures are displayed as specified; Places a selected watermark, caption or other graphic file on selected pages, even batchwise - on the whole document at once; Saves the result of processing in a .pdf file or as a .jpg image per page; Finds information captured by the camera in specified documents or directories; Exports saved files to specified cloud services. Scanner Features Fast scanning and processing of optical data; Automatic detection of boundaries of optical data objects; Integrated OCR-search function; In-house text and image editors; Possibility of imposing of watermarks and signatures, including - in batch; No limits on the number of scanned objects (limited only by the amount of free memory in the machine); Ability to export data to cloud information storage services. Minuses Some tools are paid; Integrated advertising inserts.

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