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The fast and innovative Puffin Web Browser for Android makes web surfing very fast by using cloud technology. It has built-in Flash support for better video display on websites. And thanks to the multi-window interface, you can quickly switch between the open tabs with just a click. A switch for smartphones and tablets is included. Puffin Web Browser bookmarking; desktop and mobile modes; working with history and cache; sending images, links or whole pages to the cloud; Advanced security tools with innovative algorithms and encryption (especially useful for public Internet access points); plugin support. Browser features The key feature of Puffin Web Browser is fast loading of any page, even if it contains a lot of images or videos. You can even play online browser games by supporting the necessary plug-ins. The browser uses cloud-based compression and a built-in engine that handles Javascript. Most frequently visited pages can be bookmarked for quick access. There is a built-in virtual panel that replaces the computer mouse, as well as a virtual analog of the joystick. Advantages of Convenient "tiled" interface without unnecessary elements; high security; inbuilt bookmark manager; fast opening of pages; large number of useful add-ons; support for virtual console and cloud technology. Disadvantages Insufficient optimization for online games.

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