Root App Deleter 7.3.0

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Root App Deleter 7.3.0Root App Deleter 7.3.0Root App Deleter 7.3.0Root App Deleter 7.3.0Root App Deleter 7.3.0Root App Deleter 7.3.0

Root App Delete is an Android application that makes it easy to manage your rooted gadgets. By installing this utility on your Android device, you will be able to freeze a selected system file or perform its deletion. Root App Delete features The creators of the application have provided it with a set of useful tools, allowing you to refuse to use many alternative programs: Disable or interrupt the work of the system application; Scan your device for uninstalled apk files; Reroute the selected application; Scan cached area (with an option to clear it later); Interrupt a background process (e.g. google backgroud transport). Features of operation A backup of a system program still remains in the Recycle Bin after the utility deletes it. The saved backup can be easily restored in case a malfunction has occurred in your gadget due to deleted software, or a program was removed by mistake. Utility functionality System applications; User defined applications - shows a list of all applications downloaded and installed by the user; Task manager - displays a list of tasks that are loading RAM; Application manager. Utility advantages Small size; Support for Android devices with low system requirements; High performance; Support for gadgets from Chinese manufacturers; Instant detection of unknown utility (one click); No promotional information; Change option that allows you to change a system component before it is finally deleted; Auto back up and copy system files; A streamlined toolkit that makes the application easier to use. Disadvantages A minor drawback of the program is not always the correct translation. In the case of removal of a program or a system service ensuring uninterrupted operation of the device, the utility will warn you with a corresponding message. It is worth noting that it will be impossible to use Root App Delete in full without Root permissions.

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