Samsung Pay 2.5.30

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Samsung Pay 2.5.30Samsung Pay 2.5.30Samsung Pay 2.5.30Samsung Pay 2.5.30Samsung Pay 2.5.30

Samsung Pay - an application for cashless payment for purchases for Android devices firm Samsung. It supports NFC payment technology. Can be used to pay through MST-terminals, "working" with electromagnetic media - that is, in fact, in any store that accepts bank cards. It has a multi-level authorization system. Additionally it protects payment details and user's device by means of a patented KNOX security technology. Able to conduct payment transactions without connecting the user's device to the Internet. Functionality of Samsung Pay Reads information flow from the device camera, analyzes information about the bank card using OPC method and randomly generates authorization token which replaces bank card number; Encrypts information about the bank card; Requests and "remembers", at the first start, the PIN code entered by the user (the program PIN code is not a "bank" one), or (optionally) the image of the user's fingerprint, obtained from a fingerprint scanner Requests a PIN or fingerprint when starting the program and during each purchase attempt; If authorization is successfully confirmed during purchase, sends transaction credentials via the device's electromagnetic transmitter; In case of unsuccessful authorization during purchase, cancels the transaction and sends a corresponding notification to the specified email address; Blocks the program interface if there is no "successful authorization" repeatedly; Reads (optionally) data from the device's electromagnetic receiver during "payment acceptance" in the NFC mode (allows receiving money instead of giving it away); Automatically analyzes the device's system processes and network traffic for malicious code that poses a threat to the user's "money Deletes bank card details in case the danger is detected; Outputs a corresponding notification and sends a copy of it to a specified email address. Features of the utility Ability to pay via any payment terminal that "accepts" bank cards; Ability to "pay for" or "accept payment" from owners of NFC-paying devices; Does not request and does not store any user's personal data; Requires authorization for each payment; Automatically and continuously performs a KNOX security audit, and deletes the card details in case of detection; Duplicates all notifications to e-mail; Works without Internet connection; No obtrusive advertising. Disadvantages Not provided for use on devices of other companies (only Samsung); On "weak" devices, running the application can cause "sagging" performance (KNOX-audit uses the CPU resource of the device, and you can not turn it off); It does not work in all countries (among CIS countries - only in Russia); As a rule sellers in small stores are not familiar with this concept of mutual payments (the terminal can accept, but people will have to "explain" for a long time); When making NFC-payments the money will be "transferred" without the Internet, but it will "fall" on the card only when the connection to the network is restored.

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