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Screen Recorder 11.1Screen Recorder 11.1Screen Recorder 11.1Screen Recorder 11.1Screen Recorder 11.1Screen Recorder 11.1

Screen Recorder is an application for recording the screen of an Android device. Allows you to record the video stream displayed on the screen of the device into a video file and create screenshots in one click, without prior rooting. Supports streaming video from both the screen and the device's main/front camera, as well as audio from the microphone. Equipped with an integrated set of functional tools for editing recorded/recorded videos. Screen Recorder functionality Loads the specified video file from the memory/captures the video stream from the GPU/selected camera of the device, interprets it and outputs to the interface; Combines the video streams from the camera and graphics controller into a single video sequence; Picks up the audio stream from the device's microphone and synchronizes it with the interpreted video sequence; Crops, scales, mirrors, rotates, adjusts contrast parameters. Changes the aperture value. Adjusts sharpness and otherwise interacts with the interpreted video or uploaded video file, according to the functionality you are using; Saves the result of processing to a video file; Makes a screenshot when the corresponding function is activated. Recorder features Ability to edit finished video/record video stream from screen/camera to video file in one click; Automatic synchronization of the captured audio with the video stream; Built-in set of tools for editing video stream/video file; No need to root the device operating system beforehand; Ability to combine several video streams from different sources into a single video sequence; The function of creating screenshots. Disadvantages Lack of ability to share/broadcast the edited video file/interpreted video sequence; High load on the graphics controller of the device, especially when using multiple sources of video streams (camera + screen, camera + camera, video file + camera, etc.); Integrated advertising inserts.

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