1.6 1.6 logo 1.6 is a squadron space battles simulator for Android. Lead your own space fleet, direct the actions of fighters and defeat enemy squadrons. Keep in mind that before you create your own squadron of spaceships, you'll have to ply the space alone, so try not to make yourself known ahead of time. When your fleet is strong enough, destroy all other squadrons to become the undisputed ruler of space. gameplay Choose the color of your future fleet; Wander through space and look for fragments of ship parts to build your own fleet; Avoid skirmishes to avoid falling prey to stronger squadrons; Attack single targets to speed up the construction of your own squadron; Assemble several spaceships into a single formation and attack small enemy squadrons at the right moment; Replenish your fleet with captured opponent's ships, assemble the largest squadron in space and destroy all those who risk attacking you. Features of the toy Minimalistic graphics; Pleasant soundtrack; Presence of bots among your opponents; Does not load the "iron". Cons A lot of advertising; Lack of single player; It consumes a lot of traffic.

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