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Show Box for Android is an aggregator for popular movies. Equipped with an integrated video player. In addition to viewing online, allows you to download movies to your device directly from the aggregator directory. Can find videos to watch by a number of different parameters (genre, duration, season, actors first and second plan, year of release, etc.). The aggregator catalogue stores not only new releases but also popular movies and TV series that were released long time ago. Show Box functionality Analyzes film parameters indicated by a user in a special search menu; Creates a selection of movies, TV series and cartoons according to the specified parameters; Sorts them according to the selected filter; Gives a detailed description of the film when you click on the cover; Plays the streaming video sequence of the selected movie; Automatically adjusts playback quality when the hardware or internet signal is weak; Selects the most optimal download protocol in case the quality correction was insufficient for comfortable playback; Download the selected video file (on demand) to the user's device; Automatically adjusts download priorities and protocols when several video files are downloaded simultaneously. Advantages of Minimal advertising; Huge movie library of both new and old videos; Automatic detection of viewing "comfort" (optional); Smart downloader; Intuitive interface with lots of flexible settings. Cons On some devices (mostly Chinese) crashes after unlocking the screen; Some devices (mostly Chinese) does not see external storage media - have to download to device memory and manually move it to the memory card (note, if the "native" memory of the phone will be filled to more than 90% it will have to take it to the service centre); Does not remember the films you are watching - you cannot resume watching "from the same place" after closing the application.

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