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Snake control in the game (Slitherio) has become even more fun. This copy of the well-known arcade game has a lot of updates and improvements. Game description At a first glance it may seem that Slitherio is just a classical snake game with multiplayer mode. But it is not. The main characters in the game, funny ringed worms, move nimbly through their virtual world, eating not only balls, but also other players, increasing in size. The game has a leaderboard with the size of the biggest worms. And they can be found in the game at any time! To start the game just type in a nickname in the main menu, then you can go on to explore the world and battle with other worms. A key feature of the game mode in Slysario is that even the largest worm, hitting the smallest one, falls apart into edible balls. This makes the gameplay more logical, fair, gambling and fun. Advantages The game has several significant advantages over other "snake" variations: fast startup on any devices; multiplayer availability; the original model of behavior of worms; simple interface and easy controls. The disadvantages of the game include somewhat limited functionality and the inability to save game progress or achievements from the player table.

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