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Smart Tools 15.1Smart Tools 15.1Smart Tools 15.1Smart Tools 15.1Smart Tools 15.1Smart Tools 15.1Smart Tools 15.1

Smart Tools is an Android application with a collection of standard tools, and not only. The utility will help to calculate the size of corners, check the flatness of surfaces and much more. Smart Tools functionality Includes: magnifying glass, ruler (calibrate size if necessary), decibel counter, speedometer, stopwatch, units converter, torch, compass; Recognise and read QR codes; Use the torch as a colour-music attachment or strobe light; Use the protractor to use an imaginary weight for calculation work; Know your spectrum and sound level in decibels (calibration possible); Your exact location using GPS (altitude, address); The thermometer will give you real-time information on temperature and humidity; A vibrometer will give you seismic data (auto-calibration, works on the Richter scale); A magnetometer helps find out the magnetic field around a single selected object; A fairly standard mathematical calculator. Utility features Analyse the colour of the object in RGB format using your own camera; Converter of physical units and currencies; Accelerometer displays the obtained information in the form of a graph; Support for two units of measurement British and metric; View the number of steps you have taken with the pedometer; Time zone will provide real time information for any part of the world; Useful tools: metronome, body mass index, translator, mirror, notepad, dog whistle, random number generator, night vision.

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