Spacedraw 1.3.3

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Spacedraw 1.3.3Spacedraw 1.3.3Spacedraw 1.3.3Spacedraw 1.3.3Spacedraw 1.3.3Spacedraw 1.3.3

Spacedraw - Android application designed for professional 3D modeling. Use your device's multitouch with support for up to 4 simultaneous touches. Customize the control to your needs along with detailed customization of the application configuration. Switch between displaying objects in perspective and orthographic projection. Spacedraw features Support for using the gyroscope and accelerometer as controls (if available in your device); moving, resizing and zooming the working window using multitouch; several types of lighting with the possibility to use each of them in one project; support of the possibility to rotate the created objects in 3 dimensions; tips for inexperienced users with the display of tips in popup windows. Application advantages ability to hide selected objects and show only the invisible ones; free drawing of lines with the possibility of combining them into complex networks; support of the automatic alignment of surfaces; the possibility of using a lot of different textures with superimposition of several gradients. Disadvantages availability of the activator program to unlock the full access to the application functions; difficulties in creating objects on devices with a small screen diagonal (up to 6 inches); the lack of a function for reading some objects from other objects.

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