SWEET.TV 2.1.3

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SWEET.TV 2.1.3SWEET.TV 2.1.3SWEET.TV 2.1.3SWEET.TV 2.1.3SWEET.TV 2.1.3SWEET.TV 2.1.3SWEET.TV 2.1.3SWEET.TV 2.1.3

SWEET.TV is a multifunctional aggregator of virtual TV channels for Android devices. Allows you to find and watch online broadcasts of Ukrainian TV channels. As those are presented exclusively on the Internet, and those that are broadcast on real TV. In addition, given that the aggregator is focused exclusively on viewing online broadcasts of Ukrainian TV channels, it can be used from anywhere in the world - there are no territorial restrictions in the program. Also the aggregator has a flexible adjustable filter that allows to quickly find a channel with the content of interest. Functionality of SWEET.TV. Scans the database and shows a list of virtual channels available for watching; Analyzes entered search criteria and picks up suitable online TV channels from its own database; Loads the information stream of the selected online TV channel; Visualises the uploaded stream on the screen; Stops the broadcast, rewinds the clip, changes the channel being played, and performs other actions according to user-initiated playback tools; Memorises the channels the user is watching and creates a news feed based on them. Player features Huge number of Ukrainian TV channels; Availability of both Internet studios, and real TV companies; Own database with up-to-date information about channel availability; No regional restrictions; Integrated content search system; Automatically generated feed feed. Disadvantages Access to some of the broadcasts is provided on a paid basis.

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