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Taximeter 8.79Taximeter 8.79Taximeter 8.79Taximeter 8.79Taximeter 8.79Taximeter 8.79

Taximeter is a symbiosis of the client application of online aggregator of taxi park orders and navigation utility Yandex.Navigator for Android devices. Is able to download information from the servers of taxi fleets, analyze it, and display the closest to the user orders to call a taxi. Can display data on location of customer-passenger and user device on interactive map, in real time. Automatically records kilometrage, earned by taxi driver user, so called "idle mileage" (kilometrage from place of taking an order to the customer) and other information that is important for taxi drivers. Taximeter functionality Synchronizes with the server, logs in to the existing user account or offers to create a new one; Reads the personal information specified by the user, uploads selected files to the clipboard (e.g., a scanned copy of the driving licence), and transmits them to the server; Automatically changes the user's status on approval or rejection; Analyses the geo-positioning sensor data, generates a list of the closest orders that are relevant at the moment - displays them in the interface; Overlays user and customer-passenger location data on the interactive map in the Yandex.Navigator built-in interface, in the form of graphic objects; Paves the most optimal route, taking into account the current traffic jams and weather conditions; automatically rebuilds the route if information on an unfavourable change in the road situation is received; Alerts the driver of the forthcoming manoeuvre by means of graphic prompts in the interface or voice guidance; Calculates kilometrage figures, the amount of money earned, idle mileage, and other data useful to taxi drivers - displayed on the screen, taking into account the specified filters (last trip, day, month, all time, etc.); Highlights on the map the areas and the highest-paid orders. Features of the utility Easy registration; Multifunctional taximeter - for all occasions; Interactive Yandex maps; Voice and graphic prompts when driving a route; Automated system of the road situation accounting; Support of most major cities of the Russian Federation and several European and Asian countries. Minuses Information about the location of the passenger-client or taxi driver-user is not always displayed correctly.

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