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Townsmen 1.14.0Townsmen 1.14.0Townsmen 1.14.0Townsmen 1.14.0Townsmen 1.14.0Townsmen 1.14.0Townsmen 1.14.0Townsmen 1.14.0

Townsmen for Android is a real-time economic strategy game. After an empire-wide crisis, thugs who have tasted impunity loot the peasant settlements. Armies and warlords are idle, fighting for power or protecting the highest bidder. The player is the leader of one of the aforementioned peasant settlements, living in a castle that survived the civil unrest. Mining ores in mines, stones in quarries, wood in forests and food on farms, the player will have to develop and strengthen the trusted settlement, and then - to unite under his authority other cities in a single empire. Gameplay Townsmen Gather useful resources, assemble caravans and trade; Build barracks, watchtowers, markets, farm buildings and other buildings to produce the necessary units and goods; Construct specialized buildings for research and - upgrade your armies, buildings and crafts; Deflect raids by bandits, raids by enemy troops, and any other threats to keep your villagers comfortable and able to work; Create majestic statues, lush gardens and other ways to show off your settlement's status; Expand into your neighbouring lands; Cooperate with allied cities, both militarily and economically; Establish your own empire and guide your trusted settlements to prosperity! Strategy Features Detailed economic simulation system; Multi-level production chains; Several dozens of diverse buildings; Huge map with hundreds of different cities; Both "military" and "economic" game modes Endless play in sandbox mode; Various sudden disasters (storms, epidemics, droughts, attacks by wild animals, etc.); A multiplayer mode. Cons Need to disable automatic purchases by manually entering a special password.

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