Traffic Racer 3.3

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Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3Traffic Racer 3.3

Traffic Racer is a popular racing game for Android. The main goal of the game: to drive the greatest distance without colliding with other cars. Several different tracks with beautiful scenery are available for the race. Get ready to race at high speed on snow-covered highways, deserted tracks at night and dusty roads at rush hour. Traffic Racer features Several interesting game modes; Winning money can be used to upgrade your own cars and buy new ones; A table of best user records. Gameplay To earn maximum points and win coins, you must drive faster than 100 km/h. Additional bonuses are awarded for dangerous overtaking when you pass in close proximity to another car. During the game, you can improve the 3 main characteristics of the car: speed, handling and braking. There are around 40 different vehicles available, from the cheapest LADA 2105 to the most luxurious Lamborghini. Benefits of Excellent graphics and realistic sound effects; 2 control options: only on-screen buttons or buttons + accelerometer; Low app weight; 6 different tracks and 40 cars available to play; The application interface is translated into 17 languages; The graphics level in the game can be lowered to run better on weak devices; Account information can be saved in the cloud; The full performance of the application without an internet connection. Disadvantages Ads when the Internet is on; The presence of donation.

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