Trinus VR 2.2.2

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Trinus VR 2.2.2Trinus VR 2.2.2Trinus VR 2.2.2Trinus VR 2.2.2Trinus VR 2.2.2Trinus VR 2.2.2Trinus VR 2.2.2Trinus VR 2.2.2

Trinus VR is a test version of a 3D glasses virtual reality renderer for Android. Capable of broadcasting video from your computer to your Android device's screen, converting it into a 3D virtual reality glasses suitable view. Supports Head Turn Analysis, which corrects "cursor rotation" in games without having to move the mouse. Can render pseudo 3D, for games without integrated 3D virtual reality support for 3D glasses. Trinus VR functionality Syncs with the "computer part" of the utility in the selected way (USB or Wi-Fi); "Captures and converts (optionally on PC or Android device) the streaming video into a binocular image suitable for 3D reality glasses; Visualises the converted image on the screen of the Android device; Analyzes data from the device's accelerometer to account for the user's "head rotation" and automatically moves the "cursor" according to the angle of head rotation; Automatically converts "normal" video streams into a pseudo "3D image" if the game or other application does not originally support 3D playback technology for 3D glasses; Adjusts the image rendering method according to the user-specified values, for a more immersive 3D reality experience when using 3D glasses with lenses. Utility Features High speed video conversion and streaming capabilities; Ability to stream video both wired and wirelessly; Optional pluggable "head turn accounting" function - no need to "move" the mouse; Support for "pseudo-3D" visualisation technology - you can play games that were not designed for 3D glasses; Supports customizable visualization "corrector" for the use of 3D glasses with lenses; Constant updates to the application. Cons The need for Google Cardboard or similar; The app is still in the testing and debugging phase - errors in operation may occur frequently; On "old" routers when transmitting via Wi-Fi, "packet loss" is possible - up to complete resynchronization; Integrated advertising.

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