Tunnelbear 3.5.9

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Tunnelbear 3.5.9Tunnelbear 3.5.9Tunnelbear 3.5.9Tunnelbear 3.5.9Tunnelbear 3.5.9Tunnelbear 3.5.9Tunnelbear 3.5.9

Tunnelbear is one of the most popular VPN clients for Android, the main advantage of which is a high-quality and regularly updated service. Tunnelbear features Access to the blocked sites in your country/your Internet service provider (useful for fans of online betting, casinos, etc.); Encryption of your traffic to conceal all your online activity from the Wi-Fi owner or your ISP directly; Secure use of public internet networks; automatic prioritisation in favour of the closest server for maximum speed. Utility features Data on visited sites and files downloaded during the last session is not saved when using Tunnelbear; traffic can be encrypted only when accessing certain sites, which will allow you to safely work with your internet wallet using VPN, while browsing social networks or videos at maximum speed; Relatively high speed VPN client connection (about 20 Mbit/s); 14 servers available for use, 10 of which are in Europe; blocks search engines from collecting information that could lead to you displaying annoying ads. Advantages of the manipulation of your geolocation by constantly changing your IP address will not allow you to be tracked; constant updating of the service; flexibility in use; Russian localization; displays all information about your device "online" while working with VPN.

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