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О! TV - Free Online TV 2.21О! TV - Free Online TV 2.21О! TV - Free Online TV 2.21О! TV - Free Online TV 2.21О! TV - Free Online TV 2.21О! TV - Free Online TV 2.21

О! TV - Free TV Online is an integrative webcasting aggregator of online TV channels for Android devices. Supports viewing and recording of streaming video broadcasts of popular Russian TV channels in real time. Equipped with an integrated sorter, a search engine and a TV channel filter. Displays the current online TV program for the coming week, with a detailed description of each online TV program presented in it. Can save bandwidth consumption by compressing streaming video and downloadable picture files in three levels. Reminds you when your favourite online TV shows start streaming to the web. O! TV features. Synchronizes with the server side, downloads the actual list of web TV channels and the programme of online TV shows for the coming week; Sorts TV channels and TV shows into genre categories (football, TV series, cartoons, hockey, screen stars, TV shows, documentaries, music, sports, talk shows, cooking, etc.); Filters the content of the selected category according to the filtering parameters specified by the user; Reads the text specified in the search string, matches it to the names/descriptions of the downloaded web/online TV channels, and returns the search result to the interface; Remembers the specified traffic compression level and adjusts the way it is transmitted on the server side; Outputs a detailed, screenshot-illustrated description of the selected online TV show with the specified compression level of graphic files - when clicked on its name; Plays the Web broadcast of the selected online TV channel in the streaming mode with the specified level of video compression; Records the played web broadcast into a video file and saves it to the specified location; Reminds you to start broadcasting online TV shows marked as "favourites" with notifications. Utility features Dozens of popular Russian TV channels right in your smartphone/tablet; Continuous expansion of the list of TV channels; Integrated sorter TV channels and TV shows by genre and thematic sections, filter by specified attributes and search engine by specified phrases; Detailed descriptions of all TV programmes, illustrated with screenshots; No pay TV channels and TV shows; Three levels of video stream/graphic file compression, allowing you to control the consumption of traffic; Possibility to record the played back broadcast to a video file; TV show reminder function. Disadvantages . Integrated advertising.

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