War Robots 6.7.1

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War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1War Robots 6.7.1

War Robots is an interesting shooter for Android. Create your own robot, stuff it with various weapons and participate in large-scale battles. The aim of the game: to crush the enemies and capture beacons. The game has a multiplayer mode, where you can collect your team of 6 participants and perform in open online tournaments. Accumulate maximum points and compete for the title of the best War Robots pilot. War Robots features 28 robots with different abilities and characteristics; Several dozens of different weapons; Complete additional tasks and receive in-game bonuses; Multiplayer mode; Massive 6x6 battles. Gameplay When you first start the game you need to create your own combat robot. They come in 3 types: light, medium, and heavy. Light robots are fast and mobile. They are not equipped with the most powerful weapons, but are able to attack your opponents with lightning speed; Medium - well-balanced fighting machines. Good for close combat and for remote control; Heavy - powerful robots capable of causing maximum damage to the enemy. Often slow and cumbersome. All the battles in War Robots shooter take place over the network. Searching for random enemies usually takes 10 to 20 seconds. Advantages Excellent 3D graphics and realistic sound effects; Overall rating of all players; Complete absence of advertising in the application; Constant updates adding new weapons and robots; Invite friends or random players to your clan; Easy controls; Different game locations. Disadvantages The application does not work without an internet connection; There is only 1 mode in the game; Donate.

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