Who called? 5.0.16

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Who called? 5.0.16Who called? 5.0.16Who called? 5.0.16Who called? 5.0.16Who called? 5.0.16Who called? 5.0.16

Who called? - Android application that allows you to identify the identity of the senders of messages or phone calls. Use fraud protection that allows you to block annoying advertising messages from stores and potential abusers. Create blacklists of unwanted numbers and block calls or SMS. Features Who Called? Availability of information about the numbers of large organizations with a display of the physical location of the offices; attaching a widget with all known information about the calling user at the top of the call screen; keeping the history of incoming calls with a built-in search engine to quickly find the desired callers; Automatic scanning of SMS senders with the ability to quickly delete messages in case of potential danger. Application advantages adjusting public blacklists to user reviews and adding numbers to personal blacklists of blocked contacts; availability of the ratings and reviews of the number owners with the display of the number of tags of different types; built-in protection of personal information from the access of third-party applications to the list of contacts and personal correspondence; low power consumption of the battery with protection of the application from closing in the background mode. Shortcomings Incorrect display of subscription when purchasing the application with the error confirmation code displayed; regular problems with launching and functioning of the application on some smartphones; presence of paid content.

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