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Wifi Hotspot Free 3.2.3Wifi Hotspot Free 3.2.3Wifi Hotspot Free 3.2.3Wifi Hotspot Free 3.2.3Wifi Hotspot Free 3.2.3Wifi Hotspot Free 3.2.3Wifi Hotspot Free 3.2.3

Wifi Hotspot Free is a utility for Android devices that allows you to create a fully functional Wi-Fi hotspot in one click. It can show a list of devices connected to the created network and disconnect them. And it can be turned on automatically at a specified time if you have ROOT rights. Wifi Hotspot Free functionality Integrates the digital libraries needed to switch the Wi-Fi module into the forwarding mode of the device; Creates a virtual two-way repeater to transmit data packets between Wi-Fi module and GPRS/2G/3G/4G modules, and starts a Wi-Fi-Network with a given SSID name and WPA-2 password when you press START; Synchronizes with authorised client devices; Ignores for a few minutes devices that have repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to pass authentication; Displays information about the connected devices and their traffic statistics in the interface; Disconnects selected devices from the network and ignores their further attempts to connect when the corresponding option is activated; Automatically creates a Wi-Fi daughterboard when a 3G/4G connection is detected, if the appropriate option is activated and ROOT access is available; Rolls back all changes made to the system when you press STOP. Utility Features Possibility to create a secured Wi-Fi network in one click; Availability of custom digital libraries that allow you to transfer a Wi-Fi module into the forwarding mode; Collecting and displaying statistics on cured clients, their traffic consumption and ability to disconnect a selected client from the network; Protection against network hacking with bruteforce (forcing passwords); Automatic creation of a network when 3G/4G connection is detected and ROOT-access is available; rollback of all the changes made in the system by pressing STOP. Disadvantages Some Apple devices may not see your Wi-Fi network; Forcible deletion of the program without first turning off the created Wi-Fi network may cause malfunction of Wi-Fi module; Automation of access point creation process requires obtaining ROOT privileges beforehand.

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