WiFi Master Key 5.0.17

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WiFi Master Key 5.0.17WiFi Master Key 5.0.17WiFi Master Key 5.0.17WiFi Master Key 5.0.17WiFi Master Key 5.0.17WiFi Master Key 5.0.17WiFi Master Key 5.0.17WiFi Master Key 5.0.17

WiFi Master Key is a symbiosis of a Wi-Fi network password aggregator and wireless access point location map for Android. Loads, stores, categorizes and visualizes a database of free Wi-Fi access points as an interactive map. Informs about both "unpassed" access points and about "partner" Wi-Fi networks whose passwords are known to the system. It can "bypass" a set password of "partner" access points by means of the "master password" of the en.wifi.com service if it has not been changed or disabled. WiFi Master Key functionality Synchronizes with the database and downloads information on nearby Wi-Fi access points that are "in partnership" with the service; Stores the uploaded information about the networks; Visualizes the location of "unpassed" access points and "partner" Wi-Fi networks using an interactive map; Automatically loads location-associated networks as you "navigate" the map to those locations; Informs about the location of "paid", "password-protected" and "disconnected from partnership" access points known to the service; Initiates an authorization request with a master password via the service en.wifi.com, in case the "main" password to connect to the "partner" network does not fit; Automatically marks the network as "disconnected from partnership" if the authorization request via the master password was repeatedly rejected by the AP. Utility Features Thousands of "open" and partner access points with detailed coordinates and connection details in a unified database; Automatic database loading when you "move" on the map; Availability of information about "closed" networks; The ability to connect to a public network using the master password; Continuous expansion of the partner base of wireless access points. Cons Integrated advertising; If the quality of the connection is poor, authorization using the master password can "hang"; The location of the access point on the map and its description is not always up to date.

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