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Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0Canva 2.96.0

Canva is an automated image editor for Android devices. Allows you to create logos, layouts, wallpapers, avatars and other graphic templates - in one click. Supports working with animations and video clips. Has several preset modes of work that simplify the creation of graphic content of a specific type (avatars, wallpapers, posters, flyers, etc.). Equipped with integrated automated tools for imposing text, glare, color filters and other graphic effects. Can create graphic content for social networks and popular media platforms according to a preset template - for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, VK, etc. Can create demotivators using its own meme generator and upload ready-made templates or images from its own online library. Canva functionality. Offers to choose a template for further work - adapts the interface according to the selected template; Imports the selected image, animation or video clip, modifies it to fit the selected template, converts the video clip (if a video is uploaded) to an animation and creates an animation storyboard (if a video or animation is uploaded); Displays the original image or the selected frame of the animation storyboard; Mirrors, scales, overlays text, color filters, glare, and otherwise interacts with the original image or animation frame according to the user's modifications; Glues the specified text and background image together, using a meme generator; Synchronizes with the online database of graphic content, reads the specified search parameters, displays a list of images, animations and video clips that fit the specified filtering parameters - loads the marked ones; Saves the result of your work in the selected format and distributes it in the specified way (through social networks, messengers. MMS, etc.). Graphic Editor Features A powerful set of automated and manual tools for working with graphics; Ability to edit animations and integrated video to animation converter; Several preset templates for specific tasks; More than 3 million copyright-free ready-made pictures, animations and videos in an online library; No advertising; Possibility to share the result of the work in one click in the specified way. Minuses Part of the functional tools - paid.

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