Lockwatch - Thief Catcher 6.2.6

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Lockwatch - Thief Catcher 6.2.6Lockwatch - Thief Catcher 6.2.6Lockwatch - Thief Catcher 6.2.6Lockwatch - Thief Catcher 6.2.6Lockwatch - Thief Catcher 6.2.6

Lockwatch - Thief Catcher is a symbiosis of GPS tracker and "background spy" for Android devices. Able to detect unsuccessful attempts to unlock a device, take photos of the person using the device, and send photos with GPS coordinates and a list of "actions taken with the device" to a specified email. For geopositioning, it uses information received from GPS-receiver, as well as data from other sources, in particular from service information of nearby Wi-Fi access points. It is installed in the "hidden" partition of the file system and works in the background. Functionality of Lockwatch - Thief Catcher "Writes a request to launch the application with keys to work in background mode into boot file; Analyzes device's streaming processes and identifies unsuccessful interface unlock requests; Automatically saves images from the device's front camera when authorisation fails, associates them with geo-positioning sensor data, service information from available Wi-Fi access points and other technical data that allows the device's location to be determined; Logs activities performed on the device; Sends saved images with the associated location identification data and a log-file of actions to a specified e-mail. Utility features Automatic loading in the background when the device is switched on; Application process is hidden from "process manager" and "task manager"; Capturing occurs both on failed and cancelled authorizations; Multiple independent location algorithms; Function for logging of actions performed with the device; Automatic sending of the photos, geolocation data and log files to a specified e-mail address when connected to the Internet or having money on the sim-card balance. Disadvantages Under certain circumstances, the information received from different sources can differ significantly (data from Wi-Fi network can even distort the country); Part of the functionality is subject to a fee.

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