Mi Fit 4.9.0

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Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0Mi Fit 4.9.0

Mi Fit is an Android app that works with the Mi Band fitness bracelet from Xiaomi. It will be useful for those who exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle without physically exhausting workouts. Mi Fit features Display bracelet information (number of steps taken, calories burned, battery power, time, distance traveled); Sleep information (total duration, deep sleep, etc.); saving information about the steps taken during the whole time of using the application; setting the weight goal and steps taken during the day with the system of achievements; ability to share achievements. Features of the application The app displays information from the bracelet in a convenient form. Synchronization is done constantly, there is an option of manual synchronization or when you start the application. There are settings for the bracelet to vibrate when you make calls and messages in different applications, you can also set the device to unlock when the bracelet is in range or just on the hand. Benefits of Full integration with Mi Band, Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 bracelets; Convenient display of information.

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