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Moy 4 2.022Moy 4 2.022Moy 4 2.022Moy 4 2.022Moy 4 2.022Moy 4 2.022Moy 4 2.022Moy 4 2.022

Moy 4 is a symbiosis of the classic Tamagotchi and pet grooming simulator for Android. Players have to tame and raise the cute ethereal pet Moy. To raise Moya, you must care for him in every way, solve all the problems in his life and help him fulfill his desires. Your pet will respond with an emotion to each action and you can easily guess whether or not Mee's wishes are true. Finding the right objects and getting Moy to go to bed can be tricky, especially if you don't give him the attention he needs or if he's overindulged. Moy 4 Gameplay Search the area around you and find Moy; Find a way to placate and tame your extraterrestrial pet; Care for Moy - bathe, water and feed him; Be on time to respond to his other needs, such as getting him to sleep in order for him to grow strong and stay healthy; As Moy grows he will want more and more out of the ordinary and find it more and more difficult to fulfil; Make sure you ask Moi about his plans so you are not surprised when he makes another 'impossible' wish and he becomes frustrated because you did not want to please him; Collect coins and use them to buy different things for Moy; Build a cosy house for Moy to live in; Upgrade Moy's home to make him more comfortable; Plant a lush garden next to Moya's cottage to make him jealous of his other pets; Buy seasonal and themed clothes for Moy so he doesn't get sick in the winter or overheat in the summer and look dignified at any event; Buy an aquarium for Moya and stock it with fish; Have fun gatherings with Moya's friends and themed parties so your pet will be loved and respected; Buy musical instruments and teach him how to play them, to make him stand out even more from his friends; Raise Moya to be a confident, fun and independent pet. Simulator Features Beautiful animated graphics; Realistic earthly and ethereal needs of Moya; Thousands of elements to customise Moya's appearance - beards, hairstyles, wardrobe items and more; Hundreds of unique Moya wishes, each with interesting gameplay consequences; 15 built-in mini-games to earn money; Availability of multiplayer. Cons . Some content has to be paid for; Integrated advertising; Multiplayer consumes traffic.

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