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Another game from the famous Outfit7, which has become as successful as its predecessor. In the world of Angela no fashionista will not be bored, because she will have at her disposal a lot of options for makeup, clothes and hairstyles, as well as the ability to decorate the house. And during the breaks you can play one of the mini-games. Game description Education baby Angela - the main purpose of the game. The virtual pet dreams of a fabulous life and of becoming the city's most stylish kitty. But she needs help with everything from brushing her teeth and applying makeup to choosing her clothes. By taking care of Angela, you can raise her to be a star. At the beginning of the game Angela appears to the player as a little helpless kitten, needing to be washed, petted and dressed up in cute outfits. Over time she will mature until she becomes an adult cat. Each level of maturation will bring gifts in the form of new items and scrapbook stickers. Game features Self-expression - by dressing up Angela and helping her choose her makeup, you can make her a unique personality, keeping up with the latest trends and living in the best and most stylish home. Unique clothing and furnishings, available as gifts for achievements or in-game currency. Many exciting mini-games. Compared with other games from the same series, My Speaking Angela has several advantages: higher performance and better graphics; more opportunities to change the interior of the house and the appearance of the kitty; regular updates, which bring new items and other useful changes to the game; fascinating additional games.

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