NetGuard 2.291

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NetGuard 2.291NetGuard 2.291NetGuard 2.291NetGuard 2.291NetGuard 2.291NetGuard 2.291NetGuard 2.291

NetGuard is an easy-to-use protection for your Internet connection on your Android mobile device. Warns you of identity theft attempts and makes the Internet safer for you personally. Features of NetGuard No access to root rights required; The program code is in the public domain; Supports four UDP / IPv6 TCP / IPv4 protocols; Traffic usage history of each installed application on the smartphone; Full privacy of your actions in the network (anonymously does not send your data for its own purposes); Two themes to choose from, light and dark; Will protect your personal information from being stolen by intruders; Reduces traffic and increases the life of your battery; Allows you to allow or deny network access to any application on your device; Opens a widget for quick access to utility features; Easy customization of the application and its features; The interface is translated into several languages. Application functionality Allow or deny the application a separate address; In the notification panel, a graph of the speed of your Internet connection is available; Filtering common traffic on your device; Extensive library for networking; Notifications when roaming; You can enable or disable any notifications from the app settings. Half of the features are only available in the Pro-version (five additional themes, etc.).

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