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SimCity BuildIt for Android is an adaptation of the most popular city building simulator for portable devices. SimCity BuildIt features Unlimited possibilities for building and developing your own city; Adjustment of transport infrastructure, electricity, water, sewage and taxes; land development; organisation of residential, industrial and business districts; changing the time of day dynamically with appropriate lighting and sound; the possibility of housing improvements; visits to and trade with other cities; Unique buildings, such as the Arc de Triumph or Big Ben. Game Features SimCity BuildIt boasts attractive visuals and a dynamic city development system. The player plays the role of a mayor, who has to develop a small town into a real megalopolis, solving a lot of problems at the same time. In this he will be assisted by assistants, always ready to give practical advice. See to it that the residents are always happy, and you'll have to make a lot of important decisions. Build skyscrapers, parks, yacht clubs, residential and business districts, transport infrastructure and other buildings to meet the needs of the citizens. The game has a strong social component. You can join a community of mayors and trade or simply discuss tactics to develop your city and replenish your resources. Alternatively, you can be more aggressive and take on other players in PvP duels. Enemies can be weakened by various unconventional disasters and the spoils of war can be used to help develop your city. There are also weekly challenges which, once completed, allow you to level up and enter a more prestigious league, gaining access to unique buildings and decorations. Advantages great graphics and sound design; good optimisation for weak devices (multiple levels of graphics quality); dynamic development; you can create your dream city; educational mode and tips for helpers. Weaknesses no tools to change the landscape, present in the PC version of the game.

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