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SwiftKey is an app that replaces the standard method of entering messages for Android devices. The smart keyboard uses artificial intelligence technologies, learning and predicting the next word before you start typing it. Features of the SwiftKey app Supports a huge number of languages (over 70). Multiple languages can be used at the same time by switching them with a slide on the space bar. By analyzing SMS messages, posts on social networks, emails and everything typed with this keyboard the app learns and tries to predict a word after writing 1-3 characters or even the next word that matches the user's style. This raises privacy issues, as this data is shared with a third party, i.e. the developers. However, it is possible to deny access to the analysis. It is possible to enter text by voice. The keyboard also supports a proprietary option Flow Through Space, which gives the opportunity not to take your finger off the screen to enter a huge number of characters per unit time. The application has a lot of settings, so you can customize the keyboard by creating different templates with characters, adjusting the size of the keys, feedback speed, etc. The look and feel of the application is made convenient and nice, and it supports a variety of design themes. Keyboard has a free 30 day trial period, after which the user will be offered to buy a paid version. The app has won numerous awards, making it one of the best of its kind. Benefits of Smart keyboard with a user-specific learning mode; Good predictive performance; Great functionality, allowing you to increase the speed of typing; No ads; Nice and comfortable design; Large amount of customization; Free 30 day trial period. Disadvantages Privacy issues; After the trial period, it becomes a fee.

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